‘Best Summer since 2006’

With sunshine totals finishing above average over most of the country and rainfall totals coming in below, Summer 2013 was the best since 2006 according to Met Éireann in their just published summary of the season.

IMG_2348At 16.3 Deg. C, Shannon Airport recorded the highest mean temperature of the season  with the absolute highest maxima of 31.0 Deg being recorded at Dooks in Co. Kerry on July 19th.  The lowest reported temperature of the Summer occurred at Mount Dillon, Co. Roscommon on June 5th when 2.8 Deg. C was recorded here.

Cork Airport reported its sunniest summer since that of 2006, while Johnstown Castle in Co. Wexford recorded just 57% of its mean seasonal rainfall total. Not only did Co. Kerry record the highest temperature of the summer, but also the highest rainfall total with Valentia’s seasonal total coming in at 317.2 mm.

A more in-depth look at the weather of Summer 2013 available on the Met Eireann summary.

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