Contrails v Chemtrails: The Science That Debunks The Conspiracy

Contrail over Kildare. Image Author
Contrail over Kildare. Image: Author

There are those who claim that the trails we see behind aircraft high in the sky are not the normal condensation of water vapour from the hot exhaust gases but are in fact chemicals that are being deliberately sprayed upon us by government agencies for some dark and sinister reasons. When asked to prove their claims, however, their response is invariably either just a video or blog of someone else making the same unsubstantiated claim, or a simple “Well why don’t you prove that they’re NOT chemtrails!”. Proof has been given time and time again but ok, here it is one more time, using only sound scientific methods and no political mumbo-jumbo.

Actually, it should not be for me or any reasonably-minded person to reprove something that has always been a normal and scientifically-accepted fact of life. If others come along and claim that it is something totally new and different then it is actually up to them to provide evidence that proves beyond doubt that the original theory is wrong. The simple fact is that this evidence does not exist, but this does still not deter them from making these claims and denouncing anyone who tries to argue against them.

I am not denying that geoengineering, still just a theoretical exercise, could be easy enough to try out, given the right modifications to an appropriate aircraft, or that cloud-seeding experiments have been carried out (but these only consist of silver iodide crystals from burning flares on aircraft wings and not actual dumping of material). I am actually totally against the whole idea of trying to geoengineer our way out of what is really not a problem, in my opinion. In any case, it would be such an inefficient method of poisoning us, as the resulting concentration of chemicals in the air would be the equivalent of only half a teaspoon in 120 Olympic-size swimming pools! (See my calculations at the end of this article).

What I AM denying is the claim that the trails we see from normal commercial airliners, both with our own eyes and in the photos of our readers, are chemtrails, as is claimed by a certain number of conspirators every time a reader shares a photo with us. Using such sites as it is so easy to check at any minute of the day what planes are flying overhead, generating the contrails we are seeing. To claim that these planes are not just innocent airliners but are being used for dumping harmful chemicals requires specific proof.

Has anyone ever seen a refueling truck loading anything other than fuel into the tanks as you board a plane? Have you ever spotted nozzles on the wings spraying these chemicals as you look out the window as you fly along? Do you think the airlines are in on this and agree to carry the extra weight of these substances? No, I didn’t think so.

Anyway, what are contrails (CONdensation-TRAILS)? They are plumes of ice-crystals formed by the condensation and freezing of water vapour in the exhaust-gases of an aircraft flying at high altitudes and under the right conditions. As fuel (petrol, diesel, avgas, Jet-A1, kerosene, natural gas, etc.) is a hydrocarbon, burning it produces carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapour (H2O), along with other materials, such as nitrogen oxides, sulphates, hydrocarbons, soot, metal particles, etc. This applies to planes as it does to trains, cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes, lawnmowers, boilers, etc. Different fuels contain different additives and produce different levels of these by-products, but they all produce CO2 and water vapour. That is basic Junior Cert chemistry and something that cannot be denied. The difference with planes is that they operate in conditions very different to these other vehicles.

I am now going to take the main arguments that the conspirators use in their claims that the clouds we see can not be simple contrails, and will give a scientific explanation of why they are wrong and what is actually happening. In each case I will first give some simple analogies to illustrate the reason, then give a deeper scientific explanation. That way no one can claim it’s above their comprehension.

But first, some definitions:

Dewpoint: The temperature at which condensation (fog/cloud) will occur if air is cooled enough. Humid air has a higher dewpoint than dry air. The relative humidity is 100% when the dewpoint and temperature are equal.

Relative humidity: The amount of water vapour in the air, expressed as a percentage of the total amount of water vapour the air can hold at that temperature and pressure. Warm air can hold a lot more vapour than cold air. 100% means the air is totally saturated and condensation (fog/cloud) will form.

Conspiracy Claim 1.

“Contrails only last for seconds but these ones lasted for hours, therefore they must be chemtrails”.

ACTUAL REASON: Contrails can last from seconds to hours, depending on the relative humidity at cruising altitudes. If it is above around 70% then the contrails can last for hours.

ANALOGIES: In summer you don’t normally see your breath, in cold winter you normally do. In summer you don’t see truck exhausts form water vapour clouds, in winter you
normally do, and they can last for relatively long times (especially in places like Siberia). If you throw a saucepan of boiling water in the air in summer it will
simply fall to the ground as water, with some of it evaporating on the way. If you do the same in winter (below around -20 °C) then it will freeze instantly into a cloud of fine ice particles and hang around a for much longer. This video illustrates this perfectly. Seen from below we see the larger ice-particles falling quickly to the ground but the main cloud of tiny crystals remains suspended and drifts slowly, just like a contrail.

THE SCIENCE: Many days we don’t actually see any trails at all from aircraft flying high above us as the trails dissipate as soon as they are formed. The air at cruising altitudes is very cold (-40 to -60 °C) and usually very dry (low relative humidity). The water vapour from the exhaust gases alone is not enough to form a persistent contrail. Knollenburg (1972) gives a breakdown of typical components of aircraft exhaust gases, with around 1.37 kg of water vapour released per kg of fuel burned. The study found that exhaust gases contained around 1.7 g of water vapour for every metre flown, but found actual persistent contrails to contain at least 30,000 times that level (20,700-41,200 g per metre). This means that the overwhelming majority of the water in contrails comes from the atmosphere, with only around 1 in every 30,000 molecules originating from the burning of the fuel. It is therefore clear that relative humidity at cruising altitude needs to be relatively high for contrails to form and be visible, and very high (above around 70%) for them to persist for long periods.

We get these conditions from time to time and place to place, especially a few hundred miles ahead of an approaching depression (warm front), and to the west of an upper ridge-axis, among others. We normally see natural cirrus clouds (thin, high, wispy clouds) in these conditions, but even when conditions are not quite humid enough for natural cirrus to form on their own they can be right for contrails, as the exhaust particles (soot, etc.) act as cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) around which water vapour can condense and freeze into ice-crystals. This is why we can sometimes see contrails without natural cirrus, but normally we would see some cirrus too, even if just a few random wisps. If the relative humidity is below around 60% then the ice-crystals can sublimate (turn from solid directly to gas) fairly quickly and dissipate but if it’s above around 70% this sublimation process is much slower and the contrail can last for hours. Contrail ice-crystals are also much smaller (0.001 – 0.1 mm) and more numerous than cirrus crystals (0.01 – several mm), which allows them to remain suspended for longer.

Conspiracy Claim 2.

“I saw two aircraft flying in the same area. One aircraft’s contrail dissipated within a few seconds, the other’s grew and lasted for hours. The second aircraft was obviously spraying chemicals”.

ACTUAL REASON: They were simply flying at different altitudes and/or were different types of aircraft (engine).

ANALOGIES: Your bathroom mirror doesn’t fog up when you first take a shower. It only does so after a while, when there is enough vapour in the room to increase the dewpoint to the temperature of the mirror, allowing the vapour to condense onto.

A small cup of coffee makes a smaller steam cloud than a large open pot of coffee. The pot has a larger volume of steam rising and condensing off it, which rises to a greater height before evaporating, just as a larger engine produces more emissions than a smaller one.

THE SCIENCE: Cirrus clouds are very high up but relatively thin (sometimes only a few hundred metres deep), therefore there is only a narrow layer in which conditions are right for their formation. The same goes for contrails. Two identical aircraft flying at different altitudes can therefore produce very different contrails as the temperature and humidity can be very different.

Look at this sounding (plot of temperature, dewpoint and wind measurements from an instrument attached to a weather balloon) for Camborne, in the extreme southwestern
tip of England, around the middle of the day on August 22nd, 2013.


Airliners cruise at between around 30,000-40,000 ft (9,000-12,000 m). The sounding shows cold and mainly dry upper levels (the temperature and dewpoint curves are far apart), however there is a very thin humid layer just below 300 hPa (9,500 metres), where the dewpoint curve (left) shoots over to almost meet the temperature curve (right), meaning high relative humidity. We would expect very few contrails in this scenario as only those planes flying exactly within that humid layer will produce contrails. Other layers are just too dry. The actual data points from this sounding show that humid layer to be at around 9,116 metres (around 30,000 ft), with a relative humidity of 78%. Sure enough this high-resolution MODIS satellite picture for 11:40 UTC (around 20 minutes before the sounding) shows just one fresh contrail just south of Lands End, which shows as United Airlines flight 43, a Boeing 767-400 flying at 30,000 ft. It shows dozens of other aircraft at different heights all over southern England and the English Channel, but not one of these is producing a contrail as the levels they’re flying at are too dry. Not surprisingly they’re not producing chemtrails either!

Sometimes we see broken or very short contrails, i.e. with breaks, as in my photo at the top of this article. This can be caused by an aircraft climbing through a humid layer, or by the effects of gravity waves at altitude. The plane enters and exits humid areas as it flies along, giving a broken contrail. We also see this type of effect with natural transverse cirrus bands along which form perpendicular to the jetstream flow (strong winds at altitude). An aircraft flying parallel to the jetstream will be passing in and out of the humid areas that are causing the transverse cirrus, so its contrail will be discontinuous.

tranverse cirrus
Transverse cirrus bands form perpendicular to the jetstream wind, shown by the wide swathe of fibrous cirrus.

Two different types of aircraft flying at the same altitude can still produce different contrails. Different engines produce different-sized exhaust plumes, and newer engines produce cooler exhaust-gas temperatures than older engines (see this paper). Cooler exhaust temperatures allow the contrail to form quicker, before the gases have a chance to mix with the ambient air, as the gas needs less time to cool to condense the vapour into ice-crystals. Engine contrails can also be affected by the aerodynamics of the aircraft wings, etc., and even the weight of the aircraft, which can strengthen wake-vortices and enhance contrails. In fact, some contrails are not even related to the engine exhaust gases at all and are merely condensation formed within the wake-vortices, where the pressure is locally lower than the surroundings. We can see that when landing or taking off on a very humid day.

To an observer on the ground it can be very difficult to accurately estimate the relative heights of two aircraft flying near eachother. They may SEEM to be at the same altitude but in reality they could be a few thousand feet apart and therefore in possibly very different ambient conditions.

These planes look they’re colliding but they’re actually at least 1,000 ft apart vertically.

Conspiracy Claim 3.

“Those trails are in regular criss-cross patterns, so there is obviously some systematic spraying going on”.

ACTUAL REASON: Planes fly many different routes (called airways), which can cross eachother at points called Intersections.

ANALOGY: No need for one here, it’s pretty straightforward!

THE SCIENCE: Ireland’s airspace is very busy with transatlantic traffic, with hundreds of morning eastbound and afternoon and evening westbound flights every day. Ireland has actually done away with the upper airway system within its airspace, instead allowing aircraft to fly their own direct routes between intersections along the eastern and western borders of the airspace. This saves the airlines time and fuel, but also means no real set published flight paths, as there used to be previously. Planes cross paths all the time, depending on what the intersections they are flying between. Just off the east coast these flights all converge at a few intersections, which can give a more regular contrail pattern to an observer on the ground. The link above also shows the complexity of the airway system over the UK airspace and this video shows how busy traffic gets throughout different times of the day, especially the afternoon and evening in Europe.

Conspiracy Claim 4.

“I never saw this many contrails when I was a kid so it must be chemtrails that I’m seeing now”.

ACTUAL REASON: There are more flights now than years ago (see here). Engines are larger and produce cooler exhaust gases, which make it easier for contrails to form, as explained

ANALOGY: A room full of kids is a hell of a lot louder than a room with just one kid!

THE SCIENCE: Pretty much explained in the other points above. We should not, however, compare what we are seeing now to what we remember as kids. We all think that the
summers were better back when we were young, but there are no data to back this up. Our minds as kids were different to what they are now, having developed through all
the stages of cognitive development. In the same way, we were most likely not counting contrails back then and wouldn’t have probably noticed them much in any case.

Conspiracy Claim 5.

“Children have lots of respiratory problems now and it’s due to chemtrails”.

ACTUAL REASON: This has to be the craziest claim I have heard from a conspirator. There are many more plausible and well-documented reasons for children’s health problems. The use of a sick child as proof of chemtrails is stooping to a new low.

THE SCIENCE: The science of the previous explanations debunks this claim as it proves that the chemtrails are not there in the first place. Increases in children’s health problems are well-documented and can be due to increased obesity, poor diet, less excercise, more time spent indoors, etc.


Satellite imagery is a perfect tool for spotting contrails. Visible imagery is good, but there are other types of imagery (IR, Water-vapour, RGB, Dust RGB, etc.) that show them up to varying degrees. These images are formed by filtering various wavelengths, which show up differences in cloud physics, such as small or large ice-crystals, thin or thick layers, etc.

The Eview image below of the Iberian peninsula at 1800 UTC this evening shows an area of persistent contrails over Biscay and the northern and northwestern parts of Spain and Portugal, with none showing up elsewhere. Comparing this image with the predicted 300 hPa relative humidity chart from the GFS model (underneath) shows that the contrails are forming right inside the area of >75% relative humidity, which stretches from the Pyrenees to central Portugal and up to Galicia. Other areas are too dry for contrails. This is a good example of how we can actually predict the areas that will have contrails.

Eview image of Iberia at 1800 UTC, 8 September 2013. Persistent contrails are visible over northern and northwestern Spain and Portugal. Image: Eumetsat
Eview image of Iberia at 1800 UTC, 8 September 2013. Persistent contrails are visible over Biscay and northern and northwestern Spain and Portugal. Image: Eumetsat
GFS 300 hPa relative humidity chart for 1800 UTC, 8 September, 2013. Image:
GFS 300 hPa relative humidity chart for 1800 UTC, 8 September, 2013. Image:


It only requires one test to prove a theory wrong, but in this article I have given several. Sometimes we see things that we cannot explain. Various theories circulate to try to explain them, and invariably some of these theories take on a political theme – a Them versus Us kind of thing. Some people are more prone to accepting these theories than others, and a quick check of the Facebook profiles of many of the conspirators on our page will confirm that.

This has been an effort to explain why their chemtrail theory is false on so many levels, and maybe some of them will finally see the light and accept that science rules over our imaginations 100% of the time.  I can, however, forecast even now the responses I will get to this article, as some people just want to believe in the alternative, for whatever reasons. I can do nothing about that. We are all different, but ignorance is no excuse for stupidity at any time.

Fergal – Irish Weather Online

UPDATE: Calculation of half a teaspoon in 120 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Just to highlight how unbelievably inefficient chemtrails would be as a method of poisoning people, I have done a quick calculation on how much chemicals would be added to the atmosphere every day if every single jet plane on the planet was spraying all of the time (turbprops use Jet A1 too, but for the benefit of the conspirators let’s assume they are all high-level jets). It is based on the daily consumption of Jet A1 fuel (which in 2010 was about 5,220,000 barrels/day) and assuming a very generous chemical contamination of 10% in the fuel. This level would, of course, be too high for the engines to operate, but hey, why let logic get in the way when it comes to the topic of chemtrails.

Overall, the resulting contamination of the atmosphere would be just 0.0000000016%, or the equivalent of just a one teaspoon of water in 120 Olympic-size swimming pools!

Here are my calculations. As most airliners normally cruise at between 33,000-39,000 ft, I have taken the average cruising altitude as 36,000 ft (11 km). They would therefore be contaminating a volume of the atmosphere (what I call the Cruisosphere) from that level down to the ground. By finding the total volume of this cruisosphere and the total amount of chemicals being sprayed into it we can find the resulting concentration in the air we breath.

Radius of Earth, R: 6370 km
Average cruise altitude, H: 36,000 ft (11 km)
Volume of a sphere: (4/3)Pi(R³)

Volume of Earth (radius 6370 km): 1,082,696,932,433 km³
Volume of Earth + Cruisosphere (radius 6370 + 11 km): 1,088,315,571,792 km³
Volume of Cruisosphere: 1,082,696,932,433 – 1,088,315,571,792 = 5,618,639,359 km³

The daily consumption of Jet A1 in 2010 was 5,219,510 barrels (1 barrel = 42 US gallons (162 litres), so that’s 843,994,767 litres, or 683,635,761 kg, given that the density is 0.81 kg/litre). Assuming a 10% chemical-contamination, this gives a total of 68,363,576 kg of chemicals sprayed through the fuel per day. This is, of course, making the huge assumption that they survive the combustion and come out of the exhausts unaffected – a highly unlikely scenario – but let’s carry on nevertheless. As we said, logic is not a word the conspirators have in their vocabulary.

This leads to a daily concentration of chemicals in the atmosphere of 68,363,576/5,618,639,359 = 0.01217 kg/km³ (i.e. 12.2 g (or one dessert-spoon) in a volume of 1 cubic kilometre).

The density of the atmosphere at sea level is 1.225 kg/m³ and at 11 km altitude it is 0.2978 kg/m³. This gives an average density throughout the Cruisosphere of: (1.225+0.2978)/2 kg/m³ = 0.7614 kg/m³ = 761,400,000 kg/km³. Multiplying this by the volume gives us the mass of the cruisosphere: 4,278,032,007,942,600,000 kg.

This lets us calculate the daily percentage chemical concentration: 100 x (68,363,576/4,278,032,007,942,600,000) = 0.0000000016% or 16 parts per trillion (ppt).

So only 16 of every trillion grams of the atmosphere would be from chemicals. One Olympic-size swimming pool is 50 x 25 x 2 metres = 2,500 m³ (2,500,000 litres or 2.5 billion grams), so 1 trillion grams is four hundred Olympic-size swimming pools. One teaspoon is 5 grams, so our 16 grams equates to 1 teaspoon in about 120 of these swimming pools. Over a year the total chemicals dumped would be just 5.8 kg.

*Thanks Matt Tansy for the corrections.

NOW do you still think they’re spraying?


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  2. US Patent 5003186 = seeding atmosphere for reduction of global warming (spraying with aluminum)



  3. The ‘Welsbach’ patent is well known, old (it’s patent has expired), and more importantly, there’s no evidence that it has ever been fitted, let alone used. But what if it had been used, it’s just a delivery system for a form of SRM. Geoengineering, if it ever happens, will be taking place in the stratosphere, and would not look like contrails, you sure as hell wouldn’t be able to see the aircraft, if they went that way. Balloons or rockets are as likely, as there are few planes that could fly to the required altitude.

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      I don’t just ‘believe’ in the science, the science actually proves that what you and other ‘people of the same persuasion’ say is just bull. Just because you choose to believe it without any proof does not make the science invalid. It’s there in black and white, and people who choose to ignore it are…well…strange.

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        So, spud, please tell us:

        ● Why you think we are being sprayed
        ● How you think we are being sprayed (i.e. how they get the stuff on the planes, etc.)
        ● What effect spraying is supposed to be having on us
        ● and of course, HOW could it be having any effect on us if the resulting concentration in the atmosphere (in a totally unrealistically high dosage level by every single plane on the planet all the time) would only be the equivalent of a half a teaspoon in 4 billion olympic-size swimming pools?

        We have no idea of your opinions on these questions as you have only posted a link to laughable “evidence”. Answer these simple questions (to which I’m sure you already have answers, otherwise why would you be here arguing against the science?).

    • Very well said Spud, intelligent input into this ridiculous “debate” with Fergal. He’s like a dog with a Bone, just won’t let it go or even consider any alternatives whatsoever put to him, I think the term is “Flogging a Dead Horse”
      There is an alternative way at looking at this blog you know. For instance if Fergal is so vehemently opposed to this suggestion of Geo-engineering or “Chemtrails” then why even start the blog in the first place to highlight it? Umm…
      Why even have Irish Weather Online either? All Fergal, our amateur Weather Hobbyist is doing is copy / pasting weather forecasts from other more reliable Weather sources, so what’s the point? Is it all just a front to debunk any suggestion of Geo-engineering or “Chemtrails”?
      Fergal also refuses to be interviewed face to face which is unusual for somebody so clearly educated in Weather and Science don’t you think? If it was me I’d be only too happy to put my Science forward, but that’s Fergal for you. Run away when confronted when not behind the security of his keyboard.
      There’s Fergal, and there’s Millions of People on the Planet who refuse to have the wool pulled over their eyes, but of course all those millions of concerned People are STUPID! Right Fergal? You’re right and millions are wrong? All I can say at this juncture is that you’re either a delusional Howard Hughes wannabee or an online Troll most likely paid to keep up this ridiculous rant here. It’s so puerile it turns my stomach!

      • Flogging a dead horse indeed. If you read the article it actually revolves around 5 main claims by chemtrailers, so to say I’m not considering alternatives is a bit ridiculous and proves that you didn’t read it. If you had then you would also have seen my reason for posting the blog.

        I’m sure Peter wouldn’t take too kindly to your accusation that his forecasts are copied from somewhere else. He writes the forecasts and posts them here and elsewhere. So you’re wrong on that front too.

      • “For instance if Fergal is so vehemently opposed to this suggestion of Geo-engineering or “Chemtrails” then why even start the blog in the first place to highlight it? Umm…”

        And? Why did you even bother?

      • Thank you Myra. As you see, it doesn’t matter what we say, we get accused of name calling etc for him to justify not answering questions. If you’re not an amateur weather man then you can’t understand his diatribe is the way he looks at it. In any debate there has to be a middle ground yet he himself is not prepared to meet people half way. He can complain all he likes as to people resorting to name calling yet, when you look back through the comments, he and Bill are the ones trying to belittle people. I am now inclined to believe that these two, in particular, are nothing but trolls and probably paid for something such as this. He will demand evidence of such, without doubt, but that is impossible to prove. The fact he is still arguing the point a few years on speaks volumes for me. Even if he was given proper scientific proof, even if the leaders of governments came out and admitted to such acts, he would still not believe it as it goes against his ‘science’. What a sad, blinkered man

      • “…he and Bill are the ones trying to belittle people. I am now inclined to believe that these two, in particular, are nothing but trolls and probably paid for something such as this.”

        Actually, I haven’t belittled anyone! I happen to have read the article plus every response to it and pointed out where the pro-chemtrailers have actually belittled themselves by consistently contradicting themselves. Go on, have a look back, you will see it quite plainly.
        As for the two of us being paid to do this? I only wish! The only evidence of financial reward I’ve seen so far is from pro-chemtrailers who have linked to their website where they blatantly request money and offer false promises in return. Again, go back and check it out spudv.

        “I was courteous and as polite as can be.”

        You haven’t actually, what you actually do is try and disguise insults and rudeness with poorly disguised politeness. You may start of a post as if you are being courteous and polite but it very quickly degrades into insult; you just can’t help yourself.

        One thing that troubles me, why should it be important what someones religious convictions have to do with anything? That is a typical response of someone that can’t offer rational discussion. But if it’s important to you, how about telling everyone about your religious convictions? Perhaps you think it’s an invasion of your privacy that people should be told? But if I was to guess, I would guess that you are a Jehovah’s Witness, you stick your foot in the door and refuse to let it be closed! Myra claims we are like dogs with a bone yet behaves accordingly in that very same manner. This blog often rests for several months at a time yet every once in a while it is stirred up again, by a pro-chemtrailer.

        And please! Don’t give any of that old tired excuse that you want to save us. Perhaps you haven’t noticed, we don’t want to be saved; you’re wasting your time, go and preach to someone who wants to be saved. Quit being so self-righteous and thinking the planet revolves around your beliefs; it doesn’t. You aren’t that important.

        If you dislike this blog as much as you all claim and think that the person responsible for the site is a troll, then stay away for goodness sake. Stick to YouTubeopaedia for what you think are the facts. Why do YOU continue flogging a dead horse?

    • Boredom? I don’t think so.

      “For instance if Fergal is so vehemently opposed to this suggestion of Geo-engineering or “Chemtrails” then why even start the blog in the first place to highlight it? Umm…”

      • Eh…to highlight how ridiculous it is. Every time someone posted a photo of clouds than contained a contrail on our Facebook page we’d get some crazy chemtrail comments from conspirators like yourself who, also like yourself, refused to be purely told their idea is a conspiracy and instead demanded proof. Well here is such proof, so it kinda backfired on them.

    • haha you two are unbelievable! At no point have I been rude yet you want to accuse me of doing so. I have pointed out that you have both been rude to others who don’t share your views, YOU read back through the posts and you will see. Stuck in a time warp you two, deny, deny, deny, be obnoxious to people on your blog, deny, deny, etc. Acting like spoilt brats here, makes for hilarious reading. And then you try and turn it around. I asked one simple question and you refuse to answer, then Bill turns it back on me, with his wild presumptions on what religion I may follow myself. Even there, he continues his attempt at belittling a faith of which I do not follow. Shame on you Bill, I hope an actual Jehovah’s Witness pulls you up on this score. It actually shows how bigoted and how reluctant you are to see others point of view, despite your claim you are willing to do so if ‘science’ is used. Not sure about you, but where I come from it is common decency to answer a simple question rather than throw wild accusations and then bombard that person with questions of your own. So, for the third time, and I’ll even open it up to Bill, are you both religious men? Before you answer, if you actually do, I’m not trying to play games with this. I’m merely trying to figure out the mind set of two old men who think it is acceptable to put everyone down with your sly and unwarranted replies.
      Every time I post I am met with the ‘typical response’ yet, if it was ‘typical’ then others would have said exactly the same as me. Reading the comments, I haven’t seen anyone ask about your religious beliefs so that isn’t typical is it? Believe me Bill, I haven’t tried to disguise anything, point out where I was rude. You start a blog then clash with anyone that doesn’t agree with your point of view, childish beyond reason. Grow up, leave the insults and respond like the adult you tell us you are. I have seen plenty of comments where you have been rude Bill, you read the comments back and you will see. Please answer the one question

      • Your never rude or insulting? In one post alone today at 11.57am you say:

        “Acting like spoilt [sic] brats here, makes for hilarious reading.”

        “It actually shows how bigoted and how reluctant you are to see others point of view…”

        “I’m merely trying to figure out the mind set of two old men…”

        “You start a blog then clash with anyone that doesn’t agree with your point of view…”

        “…childish beyond reason.”

        “Grow up, leave the insults and respond like the adult you tell us you are.”

        Now, if you would like to read your full post, it starts of with you trying to come over as polite and courteous and then rapidly deteriorates into baseless facts and insults. You have no basis for any of those comments. And those insults are in your post claiming you don’t insult!

        Thirteen minutes later you then say:

        “that Fergie and Billy boy…”

        Since when was it ever polite to call someone by the wrong name? That’s what you do when you try to belittle someone.

        Yesterday evening at 11.48pm you said:

        “I am now inclined to believe that these two, in particular, are nothing but trolls and probably paid for something such as this.”

        I could carry on because you haven’t yet made one post that doesn’t contain an insult or rudeness. But, I stand to be corrected if you can point me in the direction of a post that doesn’t contain an insult or rudeness.

  6. I don’t know Fergal, it still doesn’t make much sense to bring it up but for debunking it. If it’s nonsense then why not just ignore it and get on with what the Blog is all about, the Weather.
    I simply wonder why suddenly millions of people around the globe just made something up? What’s the point in that? Maybe these so-called “chemtrails” single out a certain genus of people and turn them delirious and paranoid about funny clouds. I blame the legalisation of medical marijuana!
    You and Bill appear to be unaffected by it though.
    Ok, sorry gotta skoot, my glass of flouride is beckoning. 😀

    • And to add, interesting post this. I do believe when you say that the amount of chemicals is a drop in the ocean, or swimming pool as you put it, much smaller, but I think I’m much more likely to die from a Butterfly bite than chemicals from plane fumes. Or Flouride. 🙂

    • Why millions suddenly made something like this up? Come on Myra, it’s obvious that they never read the ‘science’ that Fergie and Billy boy put in this article 🙂 shame on the millions eh….

      • Millions? A couple of thousand worldwide maximum. I would hazard a guess that more people believe in Big Foot than chemtrails.

      • Even in the extremely unlikely event that “millions” did believe it – again, more gross exaggeration from chem-trailers – there are billions that don’t believe it. I’m afraid billions trumps millions 🙂

    • “I don’t know Fergal, it still doesn’t make much sense to bring it up but for debunking it. If it’s nonsense then why not just ignore it…”

      Exactly, Myra, if you have problems understanding or believing this blog, why don’t YOU ignore, why keep flogging YOUR dead horse?

      • Excuse me Bill but can Fergal not speak for himself? You consistently answer questions posed to Fergal through this Blog. Somebody asked before if you are his mentor or something, certainly appears to be the case?
        Anyway your response make little sense. I do NOT have a misunderstanding of this Blog. How can I ignore it? It’s an ONLINE BLOG!

        “why don’t YOU ignore, why keep flogging YOUR dead horse?”

        Why don’t you?

        “It must be the heat bringing them out again or they are just bored”

        Again, speak for yourself.

      • Perhaps you can enlighten me? Which questions were posed to fergalt that I consistently answer? Point them out and I’ll apologise to fergalt right away.

        ““why don’t YOU ignore, why keep flogging YOUR dead horse?”

        Why don’t you?”

        I was quite happily watching the progression of the foolish posts being made by you and spudv until you brought me into it. You both brought me into it merely to give yourselves another chance to hammer away on your keyboards because you have nothing better to do with your lives.
        If you don’t want my input, something I’m entitled to do and I won’t stop doing just because you think I should, then avoid bringing me into it. I would advise that you stop and have a good think, while you are assuming that you are showing no respect to the author of the article, you are merely showing how little respect you have for yourselves.

        ““It must be the heat bringing them out again or they are just bored”

        Again, speak for yourself.”

        Are these really the best responses you can post? Do you have nothing original or of value to write?

        Why not quit your whining and find yourself a real life? You’ve said your piece on the article, if you don’t agree with it then feel free to move on and ignore it. You are the one that is making no sense, of course you can ignore it. You know what the article is about and you know the majority of posters views, just stop coming onto the blog, simple, no one has said that you have to come on here and read it, you are choosing to, so don’t be so be stupid and say absolutely ridiculous things like “How can I ignore it? It’s an ONLINE BLOG!” You are making a fool of yourself.

        If you truly want an intelligent debate on this why don’t you and spudv go away and find some real evidence and present it on here and we can discuss it. You have all been asked numerous times to do so, but you won’t, simply because you have none. So, put up or shut up, simple.

  7. Let it be noted for the umpteenth time. I have not added any science to the original article, spudv. I have in fact added nothing to the original article. You seem to be incapable of understanding that simple fact!

    • Why do you feel the need to repeat yourself Bill? The way you act on here makes it seem that you have something to do with the original article which is why your name was included. I have only mentioned your name once in that respect so pipe down man! Obviously I was incorrect so let it go

  8. Youtube. About 560,000 results. for Chemtrails

    About 169,000 results for Geo-engineering.

    “What are they spraying” About 99,500 results.

    Google. Chemtrails. About 5,540,000 results.

    Chemtrail conspiracy theory. About 128,000 results.

    I could go on and on depending on Keywords, so that kind of blows your theory about a few thousand David.
    Get a grip man. 😉

      • No Fergal, not at all. We have to take into account responses from others but we also have to take into account all the people who don’t own a camera, a video recorder, an account on a site, people who don’t even have a computer, children, prisoners, mental patients, and a hundred more factors.
        All I’m saying to David is that if he thinks there’s only a couple of thousand people on the Planet who are delusional about funny clouds well then he’s delusional himself.
        Can he prove there’s only a couple of thousand?

      • That’s easy to debunk. How many people turn out for demonstrations and marches? They turn out in their tens of people. A petition to the UK government gained less than 900 signatures after nearly a year. That speaks volumes to me.

  9. On YouTube:

    Chemtrails = “About 473,000 results” But according to you, 560,000 can be found! It’s very important you quote more accurately because you are assuming that people won’t check out your claims.

    I’m not going to trawl through all those hits because it’s worthless and you are using those figures to deceive people. Those hits have not been posted by individual people, that is at least one point where you grossly mislead people reading your post. The vast majority are actually many posts put up by several people. One person alone stands out like a sore thumb; ChemTrailsMN.
    If you search your other keywords the same thing happens, but it becomes even more deceptive of you. If you search for Geoengineering your claim of 169,000 is more accurate. However, a great number of those are also multiple posts by a few, it also carries a lot of posts that came up in the “chemtrail” search, so that reduces your number of individuals greatly. Do you actually believe that this was an accurate assessment of “believer” numbers? let alone your lack of ability to quote accurately! I will also add that many of those hits are actually debunking the chemtrails, so those have to be removed as well.

    Even if we gave you the benefit of the doubt and took those numbers you quote as individuals – which it isn’t – then 6 million believers hardly tells me that it must be right, there is a population of 7 billion for goodness sake! Don’t you think you are a tiny bit outnumbered?

  10. Bill, how conceited and bigoted you really are, it’s actually shocking. Pull my posts apart and make out they are insulting, they are all in response to things you have both posted. I’ll cover one of them, since you pick and choose what to answer. I did call you bigoted but that was because you was taking the rise out of someone’s faith, you know this so don’t try and use it against me. Anyway, you can’t even answer a simple question can you? Which, incidentally, wasn’t even aimed at you. You come in to protect your little friend when he’s struggling for words. Bless, how sweet. If you really believe any of that to be insulting then you really need to seek help, if I wanted to insult you I’d use other words and names. haha unbelievable honestly. If you want to talk about being impolite or rude then look no further than the reply you posted yourself, ridiculing someone because their English is not as good as yours. Really? Do both of you not understand that people may have difficulty in such subjects? Some people may be dyslexic yet you two think it is fine to forget what was said and make fun of them. That is so mature lads, your mothers must be so proud. Now answer the question and I will reply with what I was going to say. Are you a religious man? That is for both of you by the way. I bet you don’t even bother, you will find something to try and pick apart to make you feel better! Pair of bullies, nothing more nothing less. Don’t try and take the high moral ground when you have posted far more insulting stuff than I have Billy boy and Fergie. OOOO my bad, it is impolite to shorten peoples names but it is okay to ridicule someone’s faith hahahahaha good night gents

    • Ha Spud, you have copped on to these jokers very quickly, not too difficult though it is haha? I agree it’s a hilarious Blog on such an important site about the Weather.

      You know what this Blog and Biggles and the Red Baron, (Fergie an Bullyboy) reminds me of? Statler and Waldorf on the Muppets. I’ve been flogging my dead Horse for so long here now it’s starting to get a Heartbeat! LMAO! 😀

      RE: Fergal. “Head. Brick. Wall.”

      Um, I’d give that up if I were you. Cocaine, heavy Alcohol abuse, Aluminium poisoning or Flouride, sad Childhood? Vertigo over the fields of Louth and Meath? I can reccommend a Collegue here in Dublin for a consultation about it if you like? Email me. 😉

    • “Bill, how conceited and bigoted you really are, it’s actually shocking. Pull my posts apart and make out they are insulting, they are all in response to things you have both posted.”

      I see, so it’s OK for you to do that to me, but no one is allowed to point out your failings?

      “If you really believe any of that to be insulting then you really need to seek help…”

      Sorry, spudv, but it’s not actually up to you or I to decide whether we have insulted anyone! Whatever comment you make towards someone, that may or may not be an intentional insult, it’s how the person it’s directed at perceives the comment and how it is directed. Likewise, you could intentionally insult people yet they either won’t notice it or even bother about it if they did. There is nothing you or I can do about that.

      I’m sorry, but where in my post did I ridicule your English as not being as good as mine? Go on, point it out? You won’t be able to because it just simply didn’t happen.
      If you are referring to my use of [sic] in your quote, then perhaps your English does need improving. [sic] is a legitimate term used in a quote to say that the mistake is not mine but actually exists within the original authors writing. That is not ridiculing your English, but merely pointing out that I haven’t misquoted. And quit being so patronising to dyslexics, what has that got to do with anything other than another chance for you to scrape the bottom of the barrel and get on your high horse, so you would serve yourself better by not trying to be so condescending, your tripping yourself up more.

      “…but it is okay to ridicule someone’s faith…”

      I haven’t ridiculed anyone’s faith! Again, you are patronising people. Are you a Jehovah’s Witness? If not, then get off it. If you are referring to my comments about Jehovah’s Witnesses, then you have that wrong again. I wasn’t ridiculing them. I spoke from experience, I have had years of experience with them coming to my home. They don’t stop, I’ve had to threaten them with legal action. But, on the other side of the coin, I actually have 3 close friends in the UK that are actually Jehovah’s Witnesses and they are friends, not via their religion but simply because they are friends. They are also well aware of my feelings about how they relentlessly hammer on to recruit people, they respect my feelings and I respect their mission, as long as it doesn’t involve trying to convert me. So don’t you even try and pretend that you are shocked by my comments; why should you be? The Jehovah’s Witnesses aren’t.

      I’m not going to answer your question on religion, as has already been said, it has nothing to do with this, just like my nationality or skin colour has nothing to do with it either.

      Now, if you and Myra wish, why not answer the questions which are often asked of you both and all other chemtrailers then let the debate begin. Otherwise go back to your YouTube videos and continue frying your brain and stop using this site just to try and score points, points that you won’t actually win.
      You keep asking questions that have already been answered in the original article, or questions that simply have no bearing on the article, but steadfastly refuse to answer questions put to you.

      • @Bill, I was making a point that you refuse to answer a simple question yet will spend a good few minutes posting drivel and being personal. I responded by coming down to the same level as you. Let me answer to your post as it seems that you have got the wrong end of the stick. Go back and read comments you have posted yourself. You never ridiculed my English at all and I never said you did. I am not being insulting to those who may not have a good grasp of English, that was indeed you. Go on, take a look. You were being disparaging to Jehovah’s witnesses, the evidence is there for all to see. Just because you have friends in this religion, as indeed I do myself, doesn’t make it right. It’s like aiming a racist remark to someone but following it up with ‘it’s okay, I’ve got ethnic friends’ that is how silly your statement is.
        My question is relevant regardless of what you say. I’m not asking you for blood or anything so why refuse so vehemently?
        I never said nationality or skin colour has anything to do with this so don’t try and put words in my mouth pal. I’m not even bothered if you answer this as you are not worth any more time. The post before this shows the type of man we are dealing with, we will keep going in circles because you want to control the situation but I’m not letting you do so. Unless you resort, yet again, to insults and wild accusations then I will not reply to another post from yourself. You are trolling just as much as anyone on here, do you not see that?

      • You just can’t help yourself, can you? You are incapable of reading, how do you imagine you are capable of debate?

        “I am not being insulting to those who may not have a good grasp of English, that was indeed you.”

        First of all, I never said you were insulting, I said you were patronising! Tell me who’s English I was insulting about. You can’t make vague statements and expect them to be read as fact!

        I am not being disparaging towards Jehovah’s Witnesses. I stated a fact about how I have dealt with it and how I find them in regard to their mission. I am entitled to my opinion and beliefs based on my actual experience. As for your other comments on racism and ethnicity, again you are being very patronising and condescending to them. You keep bringing things like this into it when it has no relevance. Where’s your head? There will never be a debate with you, simply because you can’t keep track of what you say and what others say.
        Your question on religion may have relevance to you, but it has absolutely no relevance to me unless you first of all state that relevance in a clear and concise manner. If I then find it has relevance to me, then I’ll answer it.
        I never said you mentioned skin colour etc. Where did I point say that? Again you are misquoting. I did not try and put words in your mouth. I merely stated that religion, nationality and religion has no relevance to this blog. You are twisting words and trying to put them in my mouth. Just like Myra’s false claims and quotes on YouTube hits, you are incapable of quoting anyone accurately. I’m not your pal, I doubt I ever will be.
        The only circles we keep going around in is your inability to accurately quote someone.

  11. Bill, your Proxy Server does not hide your online presence. Check your email. “You have more friends on Facebook than you know” Ever wondered about that? 😀

    • Well, Myra! You seem to have me. I’ve actually got no idea what your driveling on about with my “Proxy Server” email and friends on Facebook!
      But that apart, what has it got to do with anything? You appear to be getting more and more desperate.

  12. Now watch the responses Spud. Personal attack? Abusive post? Demeaning? Lets see what synonyms they come up with for dickheads, fools, idiots etc….


    • This comment looks like you posted some responses purely to get a reaction, which is the definition of a troll.

      Spud has conveniently managed to avoid answering the 4 questions I put to him yesterday. Myra maybe you would be so good as to give us your answers, and spud, feel free to give us yours too.

      ● Why you think we are being sprayed
      ● How you think we are being sprayed (i.e. how they get the stuff on the planes, etc.)
      ● What effect spraying is supposed to be having on us
      ● and of course, HOW could it be having any effect on us if the resulting concentration in the atmosphere (in a totally unrealistically high dosage level by every single plane on the planet all the time) would only be the equivalent of a half a teaspoon in 4 billion olympic-size swimming pools?

      • @Fergalt, since your friend has accused me of being rude and impolite, I would have to ask you to do as he says. Therefore, since it is rude to ignore questions, would either of you answer mine please? After all, it is not polite to answer a question with a question is it? Once you have done so, I will answer your questions no problems. Don’t hide behind ‘troll’ ‘chemidiots’ etc etc as you have put a blog up for discussion yet refuse to discuss anything unless they involve what you want people to say. You can’t control the way conversations go, life would be terribly boring if we all had the same views wouldn’t it? Come on Fergalt, it’s a simple request. Are you a religious man? From your silence I take it you are but only you can confirm such information.
        @Myra, I stumbled across this site a few years ago and quickly got bored of the pompous attitude of those who administrate this site, who started out wanting to inform others of their views, obviously opening up a debate, yet they will not discuss anything seriously unless it contains ‘science’. I love the way Bully Bill (say I’m being rude all you like BB, I’m just pointing out the obvious) changes a subject and either tries to ridicule the poster for their spelling, religious beliefs or, my favourite hypercritical comment, you are being rude! Having a go at others because they have not answered his questions, yet he will avoid answering anything. Hahaha I have to admit, only yesterday I was comparing them both to them particular muppets! That made me laugh Myra. Now let’s wait for the bitchiness they muster up for us both, two mature men who will be willing to debate this subject providing you are on the same side as them 🙂

      • As I said, religion is totally unrelated to this topic and is just something you’re latching onto to avoid answering my questions. Fine, don’t answer them if you don’t want, no problem. I wouldn’t be able to answer them either as there are no answers to them. Plain and simple.

        I don’t reckon Myra will answer them either. The same way not one of the other countless chemtrailers who has come and gone has. It will die down again as you and Myra disappear into the hazy chemical sunset.

      • You mention that con/chem trails would last only so long depending on the weather and you mentioned 70 degrees. Would you like to tell me when the temperature reaches 70 degrees at 35000 ft ? And it’s Aluminum Dioxide being used to reflect the sun away. ..quite futile I’d say…nonetheless poisonous to humans. The human body is not meant to breathe ,drink from it or have it seep into our rivers lakes streams or more importantly into our pores. You put an awfully lot of nonsense into this article. What type of life do you have ? Who’s tending to your family while you spill this rubbish ?

      • 70 degrees? I said 70% relative humidity. Please at least read it properly before replying.

        Alumina is not being sprayed, but even IF it were (but it’s not) the concentration in the air would be so low as to be undetectable. Have a read of my calculations at the end of the article and let me know what you think, but I think if you mistake % for degrees then there’s not much hope of you following them.

      • What I can you here in the US is this is a daily occurrence,it’s almost like their playing tic tac toe up there. ..the CIA Director said it costs about 10 billion dollars annually. I’m sorry but we’re 22 trillion in the hole with China and all this amounts to is putting a bandaid on a severed artery. The point is this I have a right to know from the global government if not my own corrupt one what the hell EXACTLY their spraying up there. Bottom line ,and a need to know basis is pure bullshit. Also unless your a scientist who makes this and can guarantee 100 % there will be no I’ll effects to humans then I would say simply you should shut your FUCKIN MOUTH and let that be the end of your rubbish

      • Fergal. This is exasperating listening to you STILL trying to condone this nonsense that these are merely Contrails? You are simply, an unmitigated puerile Liar about the debate, you know it and we know it.
        Whether it is harmful to us yet, time will tell. As a G.P. I have not had any complaints related to excess chemical elements in Patients, but, because there have zero laboratory tests, we have zero evidence to compare.
        BUT, I must propose to you however, if you are a man of scientific weather merit, and a Pilot, that you cannot deny that geo-engineering is a fact, if you use the internet and research that is, and the multiple trails that we speak of are a residue of this?

      • Yes, geoengineering is a fact. The theory, that is. It is being spoken about as a possible future solution but I would be against it as I feel it’s unnecessary and is messing with nature. Do I feel it would cause harm to humans? No, for the reasons I’ve already outlined. Do I think it’s happening right now? No, because the only “proof” that claims it is are the ridiculous twisted and misquoted garbage that has been posted in the comments here and elsewhere.

        Now, if you really are a G.P. then I would worry that you deem “Internet research” – with all the pseudoscience that’s out there used to promote this nonsense – a sound way to verify the claim. It’s akin to those guys who say “Just look up!” when asked for proof. For a true health professional to swallow that nonsense and to call someone a puerile liar is difficult to believe, so I have my own opinion on your claim that that is what you are.

      • You admit that geo-engineering is true in theory? True in theory? What’s that, a paradox Fergal? So you agree, but you didn’t answer my question, if you do agree that geo-engineering is true, is it contributing to these persisting criss cross Contrails?

      • Geoengineering is an umbrella term to describe several different methods of interacting with nature to try to get some desired result. It could mean removing CO2 from the atmosphere by planting extra forests or by building giant CO2-absorption facilities, which are already being trialled. Another method could be solar radiation-management, which is still only a crazy theoretical excercise being proposed as a future last-ditch effort to try to reflect some radiation back to Space. That is why I say geoengineering is a fact, but some parts of it are still only theoretical excercises at the moment.
        So, even though my whole article already answers your question as to whether the persistent trails are made of something other than ice crystals, I’ll answer it again for you in a easier term for you to understand; No, they are not. They are just ice crystals.

      • We’re in diffrent fields you keep focusing on your data and knowledge and I’ll focus on things you’ll never understand. It’s a futile effort to help the blind see. It seems to me you don’t have a life or not much of one poor lad,find a Colleen if you can. But I’d bet your soon boring you can’t keep one around long, God knows my brain is bleeding from stepping down to your altitude which is equivalent to the underside of a snakes belly. In the end enjoy your Koolaid

      • Fergalt the only thing we have in common is our Irish heritage. I’m sorry Data Dude but im a Private ivestigator by trade and Photographer I’m very observant by nature and my instincts keen. Your data doesn’t mean shit to me. The earth’s magnetic field has all but been depleted and that’s what protects us from the suns solar flares and radiation hurled our way. Now if these chemtrails are used to protect and reflect the harmful radiation I’m for it.. but I wonder what the cost is to our eco system and to us humans. Keeping the planet cooler is a great idea but I don’t trust governments yours or mine. But I’ll say this off the subject..your past PM Claire Daly blasted the Parliament on Obama visit and indicated that the US Government was using Shannon Airport to bring weapons in,which is against Ireland’s Law. Her speech ripping a male dominated room In half brought me to tears. My pride for her Irish temper and rightousness on the topic of Obama visit. Anyway getting back on point…I learned long ago data can be skewed in any direction to favor the person conducting the research. So don’t stand on your soap box and fight with everyone on Data. Somethings not right and if the Governments of the world had nothing to hide then they would allow their bitches….AKA the media tell us all what’s up..not that I would believe them..but look I don’t have the time or energy to argue about this…let it go..leave Myra’s like you enjoy fighting over this data crap. It doesn’t feel right to be goengineering our skies or climate unless there’s full disclosure. To this world and it’s people. ..Siorgrah

      • What a long-winded roundabout rant on anything but the question I asked. If you really believe that data and evidence are not important then you must be a great P.I.!

        By the way, I missed Claire Day being Taoiseach (PM). When was that? I must have been too busy doing those calculations…

      • Lol…..Well I’m actually pretty good at what I do,I’m A Constable as well and earned several College degrees and own a Private Security Firm doing armed undercover escorts…enough said. I wear many hats and don’t keep going to Data…let’s agree to disagree ok ,so I’m going to send you a link to Claire Daly’s speech…ok so your not on my Google friends list. why….take a moment from your calculations and Data and just youtube Irish lawmaker Clare Daly destroys Obama during Parliament speech. It’s great stuff you don’t see enough of. Jesus I hope we can agree on this topic.


        I could go on forever but there’s no need. The proof us out there in abundance but let me say this…goengineering has been going on since 4000bc when the Annonaki came here to mine for Gold to repair their own atmosphere,their home planet was Niburu,which strangely is in our galaxy. ..well it was scoffed at for years but the Vatican has been keeping an eye on it with their own observatory in Arizona. Yah they named the telescope Lucifer. Sorry no data to show you but if you follow my breadcrumbs you’ll get the picture

      • So first Shaun, now you’re Seamus Duffy? Anyway, your mention of Nibiru confirms your position on the list of conspiracy nutters.

        By the way, the lithium tracer tests are no secret and have been conducted 60-100 miles way up in the ionosphere for decades. NASA have a whole explanation on their website, so while you guys are tripping over yourselves to claim breaking news in BLOCK CAPITALS FOR EFFECT, the rest of us have been sitting calmly, knowing that just a few grams released 70 miles up is nothing to be paranoid about.

      • As I stated before FERGIE you know nothing. And Seamus is Shaun. What kind of Irishman are you ? DIPSTICK

      • And I quote ” NO MATTER HOW PARANOID OR CONSPIRACY MINDED YOU ARE WHAT YOUR GOVERNMENT IS DOING IS WORSE THAN YOU THINK ” William Blum. You see Fergie your but a wee man who uses just a portion of his wee little part of his pea shaped brain. Everything I’ve said you’ve scoffed at,I guess that’s easy when your across the pond,but if we were eye to eye things would be much diffrent. Your in Ireland and had no idea about Clare Daly’s speech yet I did. You don’t believe in the ancient Annonaki and their home planet Niburu.You don’t know the reason they came to earth was to mine for Gold to fix their own atmosphere.You know nothing about the big picture. So do me a favor and change your field of non knowledge and get out of your tiny world. I could ask you some snap questions about Ireland but I know you wouldn’t have any answers. Your a dummy FERGIE and a disgrace to the Irish,now piss off wee man

      • And this, my friends, is how conspiracists behave when they’ve nowhere else to run. A textbook reply, including personal attacks and of course reference to another one in a line of their wacky conspiracy theories. This guy, however, is probably the most immature one I’ve come across.

        And for the record, Shaun/Seamus/whoever, Claire Daly was never the p.m. of Ireland, as you stated. Yet another factually incorrect statement in your collection of illiterate rants.

  13. And that is what you want to happen Fergalt, for us to go away so you can not discus this any further. My question is relevant even if you think otherwise, so be a sport and answer. I have told you I will answer whatever questions you would like but, since it was me who asked a question first, and this being a site big on manners and politeness, then it is only fair that you give me an answer. You and the other one have been hoping to waste time by replying with nothing for the last four posts, trying to ridicule me when I ask a question yet I am the rude one? Get your head out of the sand for one moment and converse like adults, that is a simple request yet again. For the record, your wild assumptions, and that is levelled at you both, are way off the mark. You don’t know what my personal views on this subject are so please stop guessing, answer the question and then we can debate it like adults. Not much to ask really is it?

    • No, the others left because they knew the game was up. No one forced them to leave. They just saw that their ideas were debunked and they decided to cut their losses.

      I’m fairly sure you support the chemtrail idea as in your first post you linked to that laughable worldtruth site as proof of chemtrails. That is why I would like a detailed analysis of why you support it and how you think it can be true given the points I made in my blog. If my points are wrong then please do highlight how. Then you will actually be engaging in a debate like an adult, not like you are now.

      • What sort of proof do you guys class as good enough? Been a while since I’ve looked this particular ‘discussion’ up but, having just watched a video on the subject, I was reminded of this site. Debunk away, Fergalt or Bill, but please be respectful of the views of others, just because it doesn’t fall within what you believe does not give you the right to label somebody an ‘idiot’

        The above was my initial post the other day, which Bill seems to think I started off being rude and impolite to you both. I did this because I, wrongly, thought this site was debating the entire subject. I put the link up as it was from the UN talking about the subject, did you actually watch it? I started off trying to debate with you but you and your friend quickly turned it in to something else. I can not be blamed for the way you two are behaving can I? Yes, after that my tone changed somewhat but that is to be expected when two grown men are trying to ridicule me for asking a question. I think the pair of you are missing the point, people have left probably because of the attitude you both give out. They know they are not going to get a debate on the subject, they will invariably be spoken down to for reasons such as they can’t spell to the required standard, they have beliefs that do not follow that of the originators of this blog etc etc. Despite what you say Fergalt, I have been engaging in debate, at least attempting to, like an adult but I have been met with that brick wall you fondly talk about. Since you do it to me, I will assume you are a religious man, is that okay for me to do so? My reasons for saying this, and don’t take this the wrong way as it is not meant to cause offence, is that you are, by your own admission in comments further back on here, an older gentleman. Therefore, coming from Ireland, which is quite a religious country I would say, and from the generation you belong to then it is probably safe to say you have some belief in one religion or another. Am I right?

      • Really? You would consider 40 to be older? I’d class it as more towards middle-age myself, but whatever. I’m struggling to think of any comment where I said I was old. I don’t consider myself old so why would I say that? No wait, maybe I didn’t actually say it and it’s really just something you made up as an expansion of this crazy unrelated religious quest. Your powers of deduction are nothing short of amazing. Old Irish man = religious. Hmmm.

        So, you won’t answer the questions. Fine. The video you posted was no proof whatsoever (yes I watched it. 17 minutes that I will never get back). It was purely Rosalind Peterson on her soapbox for her 17 mins of fame, in which she first spoke about cloudseeding – yes, that has been happening for years and I said that already – and then spoke about the effects of contrails, yes contrails, no reference to chemtrails. She has since publically conceded that there is “no proof whatsoever” that the contrails we see are anything other than innocent contrails. So if even SHE admits it.

        So, do you have anything to add as proof that maybe Rosalind has missed? Please do share it with us.

    • “@Myra, I stumbled across this site a few years ago and quickly got bored of the pompous attitude of those who administrate this site…”

      You must have a really boring life then, spudv. You find it boring yet continue to be a troll on it “a few years” later. How sad. Perhaps you should go the whole way and just call yourself Potato Head.

      When are you and Myra moving in together? You are both getting very cuddly together 🙂 are you jealous of what you think fergalt and I have 😉

      • Bill, how can you write an entire novel on other people being rude when you go a few steps further? You have singled out, yet again, something that has been said and then tried to assassinate someone’s character with their own words. It won’t wash with me I’m afraid. Read my statement again, it says I’m bored of the pompous attitude of those who administrate this site. And there you go and prove the fact with more drivel and personal attacks. Why would changing my name to potato head change anything? See you really are a silly, pompous old man. My life is far from boring but thanks for your concern.
        This blog has been opened up for comments yet you do not want people to do so. The double standards are there for all to see Bill. You, personally, will converse properly with people who you think back up your claims yet if their views are at the opposite end of the spectrum to that of your own then you try that belittling thing you do. And you don’t do it very well either. I’m finished with you unless you can converse like an adult, there is no point in talking after that last pathetic post. You can label me a troll all you like, I’m here waiting for an answer to a question that I believe is relevant and I will keep posting until that answer materialises. If that makes me a troll in your eyes then fine, but I couldn’t care any less what you actually think about me. Have yourself a nice life looking at clouds you imbecile 🙂

      • I never said changing your name to Potato Head would change anything! Please read things carefully. I’ll tell you why you should be called Potato Head. You seem to think you have this whole thing sussed out and you don’t even come close, neither you or Myra.
        You are of the wrong belief on many items. Many items that have been explained many times during the course of this thread. Yet you still come up with the same accusations as your cronies and still get them wrong.
        I don’t even know fergalt, yet during the course of this thread, from start to finish, I have never read anything that indicates he is an old man! As for me, what do you base your assumption on that I’m an old man? I’m not an old man. But I do have 5 kids ranging from 5-years-old to 14-years-old and they all think I’m an old man, after asking my kids, they think you are an old man and Myra an old woman. I don’t think you are an old man, I think you are immature and petulant. So you see, Potato Head, you might well think I’m an old man and that’s OK, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest, it’s all relative.

        Now, here’s another point you both keep getting wrong, I’m going to have to repeat it yet again, just for you (geez, it’s like trying to help my 5-year-old with his homework!)

        “The double standards are there for all to see Bill. You, personally, will converse properly with people who you think back up your claims yet if…”

        Wrong! Yet again, Potato Head. If you have read right through this thread and been able to follow it you would know that I was completely unaware of the chemtrail theory until I read the original article. I then did what you people seem incapable of doing, I looked at all the information, both for and against. I then formed my own opinion, I did not make a claim.
        Now here’s one thing I’ve noticed. No one has forced me to form my opinion on this, but all the pro-chemtrailers have continued to try and insult me and pass derogatory comments because I refuse to be swayed by their lack of evidence. So don’t you get self-righteous about what I’ve got to say.
        Your stupid and irrelevant questions about religion have no bearing on this, if you want answers, you need to state why it is important, why you can’t answer questions unless you know what anyone’s religious convictions are is beyond me and many others.
        Then we have veiled threats from the likes of Myra, about my Proxy Server, email and Facebook account!!! That, I’m afraid is being nothing less than a troll! What have these things got to do with chemtrail debates? Another one of your cronies tried veiled threats as well at one time, threatening that he would turn up on our doorstep because he knew where we lived. It didn’t scare me then and it doesn’t scare me now. As it turned out, he was full of bull as well and didn’t know anything about me.
        If I agree or disagree with fergalt, he’s fine with that, no problem. If I ask questions, he has no problem in answering them. He forces nothing on me. If I ask pro-chemtrailers a question, or question their reasoning they insult and attack. They want me to follow them regardless of the fact they have no evidence yet I’m called a sheeple because I choose to follow the evidence. I think I’d be more likely to be a sheeple if I followed them with no evidence.
        Right through this blog, I and many others have asked for debate and solid evidence but none of you really want that. You call me a bully, yet the real bullies are pro-chemtrailers, if you don’t follow them blindly they insult and threaten. Hardly a debate is it? Again, give something to debate and we will take you up on it, but if we question your evidence and you don’t like it, then you aren’t mature enough to debate. So, like I said before, put up or shut up.
        Enjoy the novel 😉
        By the way, I’m still waiting on you telling me where I belittled your English, dyslexics and peoples religious beliefs!

  14. @Fergalt, as I said there was no offence intended but since you refuse to answer a simple question, I did what you did to me, assume what I am or what I am not. Not nice is it? There is a post somewhere where you make out you are an older gentleman, I seen it when I was scrolling through the other day.
    Anyway, I want an answer to my question so I don’t have to assume anything, it has been about five posts since I asked and here we are still going round in circles. Yet you want me to answer things when you do not have the common decency to do so yourself! Come on man, play the game!

      • Believe me Fergalt, this is relevant or I would not pose the question. I’m not trying to pry or be personal. It’s a straight forward question that would have taken less time to answer than the rest of your posts thus far

      • “I’m not trying to pry or be personal”

        It’s becoming a bit ridiculous at this stage. My phone beeps. I see “spudv has replied to your message…” and I know exactly what the reply will be. More irrelevant nonsense about religion. That’s why I have no wish to feed the troll any longer. At least the other ones pretended to be commenting on chemtrails, but you have tried to turn it into something else completely.

  15. @Fergalt. Sorry I wasn’t meant to post that so early. Right, I started by asking what proof you guys wanted, I never stated that this was the thing you have been seeking. I posted the link as it was broaching the subject in the UN, nothing more nothing less. I even stated for you to debunk away did I not? I was just trying to show that there are discussions in higher places than this blog.

    • Rosalind Peters on did not address the UN. Her comments were made at a seminar that was in the UN building. Since then she has stated she has seen no evidence for chemtrails.

      However it begs the question as to why her address needs to be misrepresented as the UN discussing the subject ?

  16. Sorry please delete this same comment above, I put it in the wrong place thanks.

    Hello boys. Please do not jump down my neck because I want to understand some of the Science here thank you.
    Right now the Temperature is 19 °C and the Dew point is 16 °C and when calculated this gives an estimated cloud base altitude at approx 1300 feet. Is this correct?

  17. Very quiet around here, just thought I’d say hello. Has everybody been gassed with chemical droplets from heaven or what? I have to say I saw criss-crossing Contrails at 24.000 feet today, very odd behaviour over Dundalk as I was watching flightradar. Is that app accurate?

  18. Reblogged this on 4timesayear's Blog and commented:
    Because there are still those who insist they are chem-trails….
    I still suspect someone said “contrails” once and someone else misunderstood and “heard” chem-trails instead, and thus a conspiracy theory was born…..all I know is that it’s just as mad as CAGW.

  19. I think there is something scientific about it because yes I do see the lines go across the sky and they do get bigger however I’ve noticed it happens here in Oregon whenever there is a high pressure ridge in association and dread ridgy weather because of it.

    It makes the sky all icky and hazy for days and days. I think climate change is to blame for these new clouds as when I was little it was very rare and I remember TONS of unfiltered blue skies unless extreme burning was involved.

    The last couple years I’ve noticed more then before likely because of the *Triple R* weather pattern that has dominated since 2013. Whenever there is troughs the *lines* are never there no matter how hard I look.

    The last couple days there has been no *lines* during troughs and now a weak ridge and the lines are there like steroids all across the sky.

  20. Problem is we aredebating the wrong subject here. It’s not really chemtrail vs contrail but if commercial air traffic really goes east to west from non commercial airport areas and goes over and over till the whole skies are filled?

    That’s what I am seeing every time they forecast rain in the medium range they spray like crazy and suddenly the rain is taken out of the picture by the time it’s in a believable time frame.

    Today the sky is totally whited out here in Salem Oregon and it looks like clouds almost but they have the artificially defined look and the sun has that rainbow of metallic particles about.

    I can’t help but wonder if it will eventually get into people’s equipment and start frying things including our power grid.

    Instead of calling us names how about be polite and honest as it does not help your cause to go screaming “Conspiracy Theorists!” which was a coin word by the CIA to anybody who questioned the JFK murders which the murderer came up and said how he actually did it and it’s not what the official version says but the logistics actually add up to this version.

  21. The sky started out TOTALLY beautiful. They did this yesterday too but there was a breeze that blew the chemtrails apart today there is NO wind.

    There was a forecast of east winds thru the Gorge spreading to Portland and it started to happen but the spraying killed it and the skies are just puke and yuck.

  22. Playstation 1 and 2 is pee and poo. GameCube is the LameCube. Xbox is the Hex Box. Atari is the Ferrari.

  23. Well that was fun reading boys thank you, 🙂 and thank you Shaun/whatever for the support, but I can hold my own corner, especially now that you brought up Aliens, bad move here, setting yourself up for ridicule. As a P.I. you ought to know not to waver from the subject at hand.

    Just to be pedantic, Shaun is a form of the Gaéilge name Séan, which in English is John, and Séamus is Gaéilge for James.

  24. We understand that music dependency works as a surrogate for lost human bonds. Songs can pierce one’s heart directly; it needs no mediation. Regular Chillstep mixtapes posted each and every Wednesday. Listen to us out on AudioMack!

  25. fergalt
    I thought it was a really informative read regardless of ones opinions. Couldn’t believe all the comments good and bad. My friend believes in chemtrails and I respect her opinion, I just don’t subscribe to them but we do agree to disagree and just send each other info. mine is usually data like yours and hers is usually a picture like you described with a non data backed caption or website. She has many “Theories” and I respect them all just need more reliable solid data. And keep putting out data. We’ll all digest and debate it for years to come.
    Aloha from a Yank across the Pond.

    • People need something to believe in. In her case she’s chosen chemtrails, others choose aliens or leprechauns. It’s good that you respect eachother’s opinions and still get on. She must not be one of the more stringent believers that you’ve seen on here!

      • I think people who believe in chemtrails need a healthier hobby and/or need to get out more and socialize. There is likely an inverse correlation: when social interaction increases (with those who aren’t paranoid), the stress over silly things decreases. Anyone who doubts me, give it a try!

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