Indonesia Air Asia 8501: A Meteorological Analysis

Updated: 10 January 2015 (updated upper air analysis and summary).

In the early morning of December 28th, 2014, an Indonesia Air Asia A320, enroute from Surabaya, Indonesia, to Singapore, disappeared from radar screens and radio contact was lost part of the way through its cruise over the Java Sea, just southeast of Pulau Belitung Island. All 162 people on board perished. The crew had performed a deviation off course due to weather, and had requested a climb from FL320 (32,000 ft) to FL380. ATC radar showed the aircraft passing through FL363 (36,300 ft) when radar contact was lost. See here for factual updates on the flight and investigation.

Although at present there is no confirmation that weather had any part to play in this accident, and we must wait for the full details to come out in the official investigation, I have written an analysis of the meteorological conditions in the area at the time. It is purely a statement of observations as I see them and is in no way aimed at interfering with the official investigation.

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15 Interesting Facts about Snow

Susan StevensonSnow. We either love it or hate it.

What cannot be denied however, is that few can resist its beauty as it falls softly from the sky or be fascinated by the transformation it brings to a familiar landscape into something far more magical and otherworldly.

So while we all wait in anticipation for our first big snowfall of the winter season, here is a list of some snow laden facts.

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