Hurricane Joaquin Heading For Bermuda


It seems Hurricane Joaquin likes dipping his toes in warm turquoise waters, as he’s done so first in the Bahamas and is now making a beeline for another tropical paradise, Bermuda. It should pass just to the west of the island late Sunday, almost one year after Hurricane Gonzalo scored a direct hit. It seems October is not a good month for Bermuda.

Joaquin is currently 400 km southwest of Bermuda and has sustained winds of 105 knots (195 kph). It is beginning to look a little ragged on satellite imagery as dry air to its west starts to infiltrate it, and hopefully this trend will continue throughout the day and lead to some weakening as it approaches Bermuda.


The image below shows the history of this storm since its birth back at the end of September. Vast quantities of energy from 30 °C-waters have fed the animal and sustained it up to now, despite its interaction with the Bahamas.


GOES-east RSO satellite animation of Joaquin as it battered the Bahamas. The frames are around 5-7 minutes apart. Note the overshooting tops from the vigorous updrafts and also the formation of the eye. Image from CIMSS

This hi-res MODIS image of Joaquin was taken from 700 km as it battered the Bahamas on Friday. Something so beautiful can be so devastating.


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