What’s In Store For Ireland This Week?


After a blocking high brought a very settled spell of weather over  the past two weeks, this week we’ll see the Atlantic take back control as the high retreats eastwards and a more unsettled regime sets in. The remnants of Hurricane Joaquin look like entering the picture towards the end of the week, but will probably remain off to our west and will not be a major feature.

Today we have a low-pressure system moving up from the south, which will bring rain into the south overnight. This is the first in a line of rainy periods that will affect us this week.


Westerly flow will be the norm, unlike last week’s easterly, which brought drier air from the continent and therefore many sunny days. Fog, which was a feature this week, will not be so in the coming week as winds will be stronger and skies will be generally cloudier.

By the end of the week the remnants of Hurricane Joaquin (no longer a hurricane at that stage) look like stopping short of Ireland and curving towards Iceland as it dissipates. It may bring some rain to the west as it does so, but signals are still not clear as to exactly how it will end up.


One thought on “What’s In Store For Ireland This Week?

  1. Sad to see this nice weather come to an end, but of course if we listen to the press, we are in for the end of times. Thankfully like usual they are blowing hot air

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