Coldest Winter In 8,000 Hours On The Way


There have been many reports in the media stating that Ireland is heading for its coldest winter in at least 50 years, but we at IWO can now also confirm that it is 100% certain that Ireland is heading for its coldest winter in well over 8,500 hours! The signs are well and truly unambiguous, it is set to get much much colder.

Nature has already shown undeniable signals that the winter wolf is at the door. From the reducing solar declination to non-existant chlorophyllation in trees, from the death of millions of honeybees to diminishing diurnal solar radiance, it is now certain that the next few months will bring the coldest weather in at least 8,500 hours.


What does this mean for us? Temperatures are set to become much colder as we drastically lose valuable radiation from the sun. Soil temperatures are plummeting, killing off many of our flora.

Farmers will need to find alternative sources of food for their animals. There just won’t be the growth in the fields required to sustain even one cow.

Traffic chaos will result from snowfalls of several millimetres, and slippery surfaces will make it treacherous at times for pedestrians.

Image: RTE

Home-heating bills will skyrocket, as will electricity bills, due to the need for increased lighting during periods of reduced insolation. It will hit our pockets hard.

IWO’s Peter O’Donnell stated “Later in January and for some part of February, more significant blocking appears likely, and I think there may be a spell of significant and perhaps extreme cold developing over nearby western Europe and possibly Britain as well.”

He went on to say “at this early stage I would expect occasional freezing temperatures and some snow for parts of the east [of Ireland] if not more widely distributed. This colder pattern is not likely to reverse itself quickly and it may just fade out through March.”

So now it is official. You know our disgust at the headlines that appear in the media but this story is undeniable. We will not come out of this spell for at least the next 4000 hours.


18 thoughts on “Coldest Winter In 8,000 Hours On The Way

  1. Hmmm, accuweather in its prediction said that Scandinavia would be much colder than normal, Ireland/UK would be cold but not excessively so, southern France and Northern Spain would have much more rain than usual.

  2. Tis the same here in West Seneca, New York, USA…So, all of us shall brace ourselves and be prepared. I for one love the winter time for wood fires, heavy sweaters (Irish knit), sturdy Irish stews and my birthday mixed in with all the Holidays.

  3. Haha how many of these commentators actually read the article.

    It’ll be the coldest winter since last winter, people!

    Not worse, not dangerous, just the season that comes around at the same time every year

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