Storm Abigail and Ex-hurricane Kate To Set Stormy Scene

Over the past week or so we have fallen into a warm Atlantic conveyor-belt pattern of weather which has brought rain band after rain band but very mild temperatures. The reason is a persistent low south of Iceland and a persistent high over the continent, we being stuck in between. It’s about to crank up a notch or two, however, as two named storms enter the party. Step up Abigail and Kate.


Storm Abigail, the first named storm, sits off our northwest coast, bring strong to violent gusts to the west and north. Image from

Abigail is a deep storm depression that will affect Ireland and Scotland during Thursday, and is the very first named storm of the new initiative between Met Éireann and the UK Met Office. It will bring gales to all coast and strong violent gale gusts in the west and northwest, but it will stay just far enough offshore not to be a major problem. However, with many trees still in leaf and the ground softened after the recent rain, we could see the odd tree down and interruptions to power.

It will bring behind it a strong pressure gradient through Thursday night and Friday, with cool, blustery showers and strong winds.  Some of those showers will be wintry on high ground in the northwest.

Ex-hurricane Kate

Ex-hurricane Kate will show up as a significant low during Sunday, with its initial rain band setting in on Saturday.



Next up it’s the remnants of Kate, which is just about a hurricane in the western-Atlantic at the moment but is quickly losing its tropical characteristics as it races northeastwards and interacts with another depression. By Saturday its first rainband will cross the country as the low centre follows on behind. It will not be particularly deep, however its fast forward motion will increase its winds and will make for another messy Sunday.

So the wet and windy theme continues, with the bar now raised as we head into the business end of winter. There are signs of colder conditions setting in later in the month, but of course that is to be expected, it is November afterall.


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