About IWO

Welcome to the Irish Weather Online (IWO) blog, which offers you more weather-related content than you can find on our facebook page.

Here, you will find articles on global weather events, in-depth analysis of weather patterns, and long-range forecasts that go further than our facebook one-week outlooks into monthly and seasonal outlooks.

You will also find detailed astronomical data that will help you develop a greater understanding and appreciation for the night skies.

Our team of Peter, Ian, Fergal and Patrick will be contributing various content to the blog, and will try to answer your weather-related questions whenever possible in a timely manner.

Irish Weather Online was formed in 2010 as a result of efforts by various members of the Boards.ie weather forum to create an Irish weather forum. As the IWO concept has grown rapidly (we have about 40,000 facebook likes at this point) one of the key elements in our appeal has been photographs of Irish weather and the wonderful scenery of Ireland, occasionally including a few pictures taken in other parts of the world.

We hope that this IWO blog will provide another avenue for exploring the potential of weather and sky photography, and we look forward to growing this new site along with you, our valued community of readers and weather enthusiasts.



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