Layer Of High Cloud All We Got From Joaquin

Altostratus cloud from ex-hurricane Joaquin partially blocks out the sun over Kildare on Saturday morning. Image: Author

For a week we had been wondering if hurricane Joaquin would send anything our way as it died a death somewhere over Europe this weekend. As it turns out, the main depression is filling off the northwest coast of Iberia, but one fragment of upper moisture from the former Category 4 hurricane has made it north and is doing its best to block out the sun.
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Contrails v Chemtrails: The Science That Debunks The Conspiracy

Contrail over Kildare. Image Author
Contrail over Kildare. Image: Author

There are those who claim that the trails we see behind aircraft high in the sky are not the normal condensation of water vapour from the hot exhaust gases but are in fact chemicals that are being deliberately sprayed upon us by government agencies for some dark and sinister reasons. When asked to prove their claims, however, their response is invariably either just a video or blog of someone else making the same unsubstantiated claim, or a simple “Well why don’t you prove that they’re NOT chemtrails!”. Proof has been given time and time again but ok, here it is one more time, using only sound scientific methods and no political mumbo-jumbo.

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