Your IWO team & advertising info

Irish Weather Online, in both the facebook and blog sites, is the collective effort of four volunteers.

Three of our team, Ian Carruthers, Patrick Gordon and Fergal Tierney, are long-time Irish weather watchers and enthusiasts with considerable hands-on weather knowledge and experience. They contribute some of the content you find here and also on the facebook page. They have been working quite diligently in their spare time while holding down jobs and other commitments. They live in various parts of Ireland.

Fergal studied applied physics and chemistry and works in the pharmaceutical industry. His main weather interests are synoptic, satellite and aviation meteorology, and severe weather, being witness to the epic Irish thunderstorm of July 25/26th, 1985. He has a pilot’s license and has therefore seen a lot of clouds from the top side.

Ian has keen interests in severe weather, storm chasing and photography. He is currently finishing his degree in Mathematics and is planning some kind of career in the weather field.

Pat has been building up a parallel website to the main facebook page, Skies of Ireland, and is our resident weather historian and tracker of recent Irish weather stats. He also takes an active role in the editing of your submitted photos along with Peter.

Peter O’Donnell currently handles a large part of our photo editing on facebook, and is a relatively well-known weather forecaster who has a lifetime of research and forecasting experience. Peter lives in western Canada near Vancouver, B.C., but was born in Britain and has been active on U.K. and Irish weather forums for over seven years, in some cases under his other name Roger Smith (and his on-line handle, “M.T. Cranium” which is certainly appropriate enough)

Peter has supported his own ground-breaking research (which over about three decades has cost a certain amount of money, since before the internet he had to pay for weather data out of his own pocket). While the forecasts have been used and enjoyed by many, there has never been a tollgate in this internet age, the old method of selling mail subscriptions to long-range outlooks died out with the internet, and Peter has not been charging users anything for the ten years that he’s been active on the internet. While that could change in the future, we would prefer to get a little (deserved, we feel) revenue from donations and advertising on the blog. Facebook does not encourage advertising or donations, but if your weather-related business would profit from exposure on our well-publicized blog, get in touch with us at the e-mail address provided

and we could discuss advertising. Our rates will be very affordable (basically you would get at least a few selected days of advertising privileges if you wanted them for your annual donation of 10 euros or more).

If you would like information about donating to the cause, send us an e-mail at the same address

Advertising will be accepted for weather-related services at our discretion. Page hits and other data can be accessed on request. We’re apparently very popular on facebook, our little site has about as many “likes” (43,000+ at last count) as much more organized and professionally staffed sites in the larger UK and North American markets. That suggests a good opportunity for your business to gain exposure to a segment of the Irish public at large, most likely folks who are interested in the weather and nature photography tend to do a fair amount of weekend outings of various kinds as they clearly like to be outdoors. Our “demographic” seems to be fairly diverse and probably at least average in socio-economic terms.

We hope you enjoy the new website!

Peter, Ian, Patrick and Fergal, your IWO team.


2 thoughts on “Your IWO team & advertising info

  1. Hi Lads,
    I wasnt sure about putting this post on the FB page, Do ye know where I can find historic synoptic charts. I found Wetterzentrale, but its a bit busy.

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