Forecasts and Alerts from IWO

This section contains Alerts for Ireland, alerts for Britain, then Forecasts for Ireland, Britain, and North America, followed by current seasonal outlooks for Ireland and Britain, with seasonal outlooks for North America to be added this coming winter.

Thursday, 6 April, 2017

Forecasts for Ireland

TONIGHT … A few clear intervals developing, but fog patches inland south, cloudy for most of the central and northern counties. Lows 2-6 C where clear, 6-9 C where cloudy.

FRIDAY … Sunny with cloudy intervals in the south, cloudy with afternoon sunny breaks developing further north, warmer. Light winds except for some moderate sea breezes near south and east coasts. Highs 15-18 C, warmest inland south and west, coolest near east coast and in Ulster.

SATURDAY … Sunny with a few cloudy intervals, light southerly winds, warm. Highs 15 to 19 C.

SUNDAY … Partly to mostly cloudy, showers. lows near 10 C and highs near 15 C.

OUTLOOK … Most of next week will be partly to mostly cloudy and temperatures will be near average (13 to 15 C) with occasional showers but not much in terms of rainfall accumulation. Turning colder with stronger west to northwest winds over the Easter weekend, highs 9-12 C.

Over in BRITAIN, similar conditions in general for the next few days as well as the outlook period, highs tomorrow and Saturday 16-19 C away from much cooler east coast where 10-13 C.

Important: Please note legal disclaimer — forecasts not to be used for aviation, and while all care is taken to provide a comprehensive and accurate outlook from state of the art guidance, all weather forecasting is subject to uncertainty and a degrading accuracy factor over time. Also in our case, we are not financially supported to make frequent updates or maintain a constant watch. Bear these factors in mind and be aware of the date and time of forecast issuance. We will not be legally liable for any consequences of a forecast error, real or perceived. When making “important or critical decisions” you are always wise to consult a number of sources in any case. Thanks, your IWO team.


One thought on “Forecasts and Alerts from IWO

  1. Interesting work here, Peter and thanks for your input. I am living in Norway and I suppose you have some thoughts about how weather would end up here too? Norwegian LRF says november, desember and jaunaury probably would end up about 2 degrees warmer than average which goes from 1969 to 1990. I have to add that they almost always miss their LRF in winter. Thanks .

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