Last year on this date

This was the morning forecast from IWO on Saturday, 19 October, 2013.

Forecasts for Ireland

Forecasts for Ireland

TODAY … Partly cloudy with occasional showers or intervals of heavy rain as waves of moisture are moving north but rainfalls are likely to be heavier in Leinster and east Ulster (15-25 mm potential with afternoon thunder possible), showers not as heavy further west but in some isolated cases may also be heavy, but some brighter intervals also possible. Highs generally 16-18 C. Moderate SSE winds 35-55 km/hr.

TONIGHT … Foggy, very mild, further showers (5-10 mm), lows 11-15 C.

SUNDAY … Showers at times, turning to heavy rain in the south by evening. Winds moderate southerly 35-55 km/hr with some higher gusts in west by late afternoon and evening, and highs 14-17 C. Rainfalls 15-30 mm.

MONDAY … Windy, rain (heaviest across southeast early in the day) tapering to showers, some clearing later, gusty SW winds easing. Highs near 15 C. Rainfalls 5-15 mm except 15-25 mm southeast.

TUESDAY … Further bursts of heavy rain and very mild, lows 11-14 C and highs around 15-16 C.

WEDNESDAY … Showers more isolated and some sunny intervals developing, not quite as mild. Lows 7-9 C and highs 11-15 C coolest in Connacht and west Ulster.

THURSDAY to SATURDAY will see another pulse of moisture and warmth heading northeast across Ireland, timing somewhat uncertain from model spread but expect about two days of wet weather near end of the week with highs 14-16 C.

FURTHER OUTLOOK … The last week of the month also looks very mild and could even feature some record warmth at times in a southwest flow.

Forecasts for Britain

TODAY … Further showers and bursts of heavier rain in some western regions, highs 17-20 C.

OUTLOOK … The same very mild and showery pattern will prevail in Britain as in Ireland, timing of most rain and wind events about the same or with a short lag time but heavier showers and stronger winds mainly confined to western and northern regions but also parts of south. Tuesday could see locally very heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms in south central England.

Forecasts for North America

A fresh batch of colder air is streaming south behind a showery disturbance now located in the lower Great Lakes and Ohio valley. This front will reach the east coast late this afternoon but out ahead it will be partly cloudy and 18-20 deg C. Highs closer to 10 C will be the rule in the Midwest and even closer to freezing further north where a snowfall is expected in parts of Manitoba and northern North Dakota. Further west, the warm and dry pattern continues with extensive morning fog that in some places is very slow to disperse even at mid-day. My local weather on Friday was foggy to start, sunny mid-day then foggy again this evening. The high was 14 C — we have very warm air aloft creating a very strong inversion.

This section will be updated every day around 0200h Irish time with the forecast from last year and any other interesting events from the past on the same date.


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