If you entered this web-site from our Facebook page, you’ll know that there are two ways to view pictures sent in by our many fans and readers. We have albums that are generated by the pictures you send in to the e-mail address listed on the facebook site. We also get a steady flow of photos submitted directly on the page.

Meanwhile, there has always been a third option and that is a Flickr page at this location:

For the time being, please do not submit photos directly to this web-site, either post on the Facebook page or the Flickr site as you prefer. We select a few suitable photos for use on this site. For us to make use of them here, they need to be fairly “low rise” in the vertical dimension just so that they sit on our pages without taking up too much space, also so that viewers of this web-site can see that there’s content below the pictures. So that may explain why your exceptional photo over on Facebook hasn’t made its way over here.

If you haven’t come here via Facebook (welcome!) and you wish to go over there next, of course you need a facebook account, then you simply click on the Facebook icon located on our home page, and you’ll find yourself there within nano-seconds! This has something to do with either gravity or electricity, we are told. All hail the wonders of the internet.


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