Weather around the world

This section will give you a brief overview of global weather trends observed in the past 24 hours. The report will be updated each day most frequently around 1800-2100h Irish time, so that if you would like to know how today’s weather turned out, check in the evenings — otherwise you’ll most likely see a report mainly based on yesterday’s conditions.


N & C AMERICA … Very cold and dry (-5 to -10 C in populated regions, -15 to -25 C further north) in most of the eastern two-thirds of Canada and the U.S.A. except in the southeastern states which will be somewhat closer to seasonal normals of 15-18 C. Just a slight amount of sleet or snow near a weak frontal zone extending from about Missouri to North Carolina, heavier snow for Wyoming and Montana, rain in WA, OR and sw BC, snow inland … very warm and dry although rather cloudy today in the desert southwest region, 24-27C at lower elevations. Warm and dry in most of the Caribbean region and central America.

S AMERICA … Heavy tropical thunderstorms in central Brazil, Bolivia and southern inland Peru, with isolated thunderstorms in southern parts of central Argentina, but hot and dry in between, covering most of northern Argentina, Chile (cooling sea breezes), southern Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay, highs inland close to 40 C .. Temperatures trend down to the low or mid 20s in Patagonia and 13-17 C in southern Chile.

AFRICA … Generally 27-32 C and sunny across the entire Sahara region and in the countries further south to about Congo to Tanzania, where tropical thunderstorms are more widespread. Dry and hot in the Kalahari region to near 42 C, then warm and dry in most of South Africa with a weak front that could pop up one or two local storms in Natal by evening.

AUSTRALASIA … Mainly dry and near-seasonable hot summery temperatures in almost all parts of Australia, cloud and showers for New Zealand. Less tropical thunderstorm activity than is usually seen over the northern tropical regions, and no tropical storms threatening landfalls. The Indian Ocean has gone quiet after some active periods earlier, remnants of one cyclone are drifting east towards the WA coast.

ANTARCTICA … A few storms around the coastal regions, despite all-day sunlight it remains well below -30 in much of the ice cap interior.

ASIA … A little colder than most of the past month in central Asia with a weak Siberian high over the Aral Sea and northeast Caspian regions, -25 C at night to -5 C daytime on average with this. Warm and dry in southwest Asia including most of Iran and Afghanistan, even parts of southern Uzbekistan, highs in the low to mid 20s and peaking near 30 C in warmer parts of Saudi Arabia. Some morning fog on Tuesday for northern India but otherwise a dry night ahead with lows 10-13 C then highs on Tuesday into the 20s. China and Japan are under sprawling arctic high pressure with temperatures close to -5 or -10 C in many areas overnight, recovering to near -2 C daytime in central China and +3 to +9 C in Japan. Rather quiet in southeast Asia with a minor North Pacific tropical wave forming east of the Marshall Islands.

EUROPE … Some rain in the Balkans with higher elevation snows, but generally speaking a settled and mild pattern with a broad south to southwest flow ahead of the fronts impacting Britain and Ireland (see our more detailed forecasts in the FORECASTS section). Highs for many in central Europe today will be 10-13 C except in a few spots where fog fails to break up, 5-7 C there. Even up into Scandinavia it is rather mild at 4-7 C. Ireland and the UK are expecting a generally windy and showery day with strong winds by tonight.


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