Weather Links

The following is a very partial list of good sites to visit to get weather information around the world. Forums are listed also, and please note there is no implied endorsement of them by IWO volunteers, just a heads up that these forums exist and attract a lot of weather enthusiasts.


Met Éireann – Ireland’s national Meteorological Service – weather forum, where the IWO team first met

WeathÉire – a site of personal weather links set up by IWO’s Fergal Tierney


Met Office – The national meteorological service of the U.K.

Netweather – a weather forum very popular with UK wx folk

Weatherchat Plus – a smaller chatty forum that IWO forecaster Peter O’Donnell a.k.a. Roger Smith helped to start in 2005. Some Irish members, mostly U.K. Join us, we don’t bite 🙂

Gav’s Weather Vids – yet another place where you’ll find Peter a.k.a. Roger J Smith forecasting

Weatheronline – An excellent site, with a wide array of model output available under the Expert Maps section


National Weather Service – as it says on the tin

American Wx – a forum, similar to UK Net-weather. You need to join to see all graphics


Weather Office – Canada’s national meteorological service

The Weather Network – website of a TV channel dedicated to weather, facebook site also rather similar to IWO


Koeln University Wetterkarten – daily updated weather maps from around the world, text in German, provided by the university meteorology department. Very informative.


Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) – Australia’s national meteorological service. One of the most informative sites you will come across


Wetterzentrale – one of its better features is an archive of daily weather maps covering Europe all the way back to 1871


Meteociel – such a good site for weather data for France and nearby countries that you won’t need to visit gov’t websites, such as meteoFrance. Has an extensive array of model output available (bottom left of page)


DMI – Danish Meteorological Institute. Weather data for Denmark that includes Faeroes and Greenland. Check out the 72h forecast maps for hourly depictions of rainfall and temperature over Europe


SMHI –  The place to go when winter cold waves are in the forecasts, lots of detailed info for Sweden

There are many other sites that we can add so check back for further suggestions of where to expand your reach for weather information.


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